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Recent Journalism and Freelance Articles 

Willing, I, (2019). ‘The Evolution of Skateboarding and Why Pushing Boarders is a Sign of the Times’. Yeah Girl Media. posted 10 October. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I, (2019). ‘Strength, Courage and Resilience: An Interview with Navajo Nation Skater Di’orr Greenwood’, Yeah Girl Media. Posted 26 August 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I (2019), ‘Real Talk, Real Change: ‘An Interview with Sports Agent Yulin Oliver’, Yeah Girl Media. Posted 11 July 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Academic Research Journal Articles 

Hersi, A, Willing, I, Woodward, I and Skrbiš, Z, (2019 – forthcoming) ‘Minority cosmopolitanism: Afro-cosmopolitan engagement displayed by African Australians’, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Accepted 11 September, 2019.

Willing, I, Green B and Pavlidis, A, (2019) ‘The ‘Boy Scouts’ and ‘Bad Boys’ of Skateboarding: A Thematic Analysis of ‘The Bones Brigade’’, Sport in Society. Accepted 5 February, Preview online 6 March: DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2019.1580265

Willing, I, Bennett, A, Piispa, M and Green, B (2018) ‘Skateboarding and the Tired Generation: Ageing in Youth Cultures and Lifestyle Sports’ Sociology. 1–16. Preview version made available May 2018:

Plage, S, Willing, I, Woodward, I and Skrbiš, Z (2017) ‘Australianness as Fairness: Implications for Cosmopolitan Encounters’ Journal of Sociology. 53 (2): 318 – 333. Preview version first made available September 2016:

Plage, S, Willing, I, Woodward, I and Skrbiš, Z (2017) ‘Cosmopolitan Encounters: Reflexive Engagements and the Ethics of Sharing’ Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies. 40 (1): 4 – 23. Preview version first made available May 2016:

Willing, I, and Fronek, P (2014) ‘Constructing Identities and Issues of Race in Transnational Adoption: The Experiences of Adoptive Parents’ The British Journal of Social Work. 44 (5): 1129-1146 Doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcs171

Riggs, D.W and Willing, I (2013).‘They’re All Just Little Bits, Aren’t They?’: South Australian Lesbian Mothers’ Experiences of Marginalisation in Primary Schools’ Journal of Australian Studies. 37: 364-377

Cheshire, L, Willing, I, and Skrbiš, Z (2013) ‘Unrecognised Cosmopolitans: Mobility and Openness among Globally Engaged Family Farmers’ Mobilities. 9 (1): 84 – 103 doi:10.1080/17450101.2013.796784

Willing, I, Fronek, P and Cuthbert, D (2012) ‘Review of Sociological Literature on Intercountry Adoption’ Social Policy and Society. 11 (4): 241 – 256

Willing, I. (2004) ‘The Adopted Vietnamese Community: From Fairytales to the Diaspora’, Michigan Quarterly Review– Special Edition – Viet Nam: Beyond the Frame, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Journal, Fall. 43, 4: 648 – 664.

Academic Books – Edited Collections

Wills, J, Hübinette, T and Willing, I , Eds, (In press for 2020) Adoption and Discourses of Multiculturalism: Europe, the Americas and the Pacific, University of Michigan Press, Minnesota.

Academic Book Chapters

Willing, I. (2015) ‘Forward’, Vietnamese Adopted. CQT Media And Publishing and LGA Inc, Minneapolis, USA: pp 1 – 6.

Willing, I and Shearer. S (2015) ‘Diverse Voices and Representations of Community Support for Skateboarding’ in Skateboarding: Subcultures, Sites and Shifts, London: Routledge. Edited by Lombard, K-J. pp. 44 – 56

Fronek, P, Cuthbert, D and Willing, I (2015), ‘Intercountry adoption: Privilege, rights and social justice’. In The Intercountry Adoption Debate: Dialogues Across Disciplines. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Edited by Ballard, R. L., Goodno, N. H., Cochran, Jr., R. F, & Milbrandt, J. A. pp. 348 – 365

Willing, I (2009) ‘The Celebrity Adoptions Phenomenon: Emerging Critiques from ‘Ordinary’ Adoptive Parents’. In Other People’s Children: Adoption in Australia. Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing. Edited by Spark, C and Cuthbert, D. pp 241 – 256

Willing, I (2006) ‘Beyond the Vietnam War Adoptions: Representing Our Transracial Lives’.  In Outsiders Within: Racial Crossings and Adoption Politics. Edited by Trenka, J, Oparah, C and Shin, S. Y,Cambridge, MA: South End Press, 2006. pp. 275 – 285

Willing, I (2005) ‘From Orphaned China Dolls to Long Distance Daughters’, in Defending Our Dreams: Global Feminist Voices for a New Generation, Edited by Wilson, S. and Sengupta, A., London: Zed Books. pp. 95 – 109

Blog Interviews: The Asian Australian Film Forum and Network

Interview with MVP – Matthew Victor Pastor on Asian Australian Stories and Masculinity by Indigo Willing (December 2017)

Interview with Pearl Tan, director, actor and creator of Minority Box series and Pearly Productions by Indigo Willing (March 2015)

Interview with Andy Trieu, Actor, Aussie  TV Ninja and SBS Pop Asia co-host by Indigo Willing (February 2015)

Interview with Thien Nguyen, actor, model, martial artist by Indigo Willing (December 2014)

Interview with Barton Williams, actor and director by Indigo Willing (November 2014)

Interview with Charlotte Nicdao, Alfred Nicdao and Ferdinand Hoang by Indigo Willing (June 2014)

Interview with director John Green about skateboarding videos and more by Indigo Willing (July 2014)

Film Review of Corrie Chen’s Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too by Indigo Willing (Jan 2014)

Interview with director Corrie Chen by Indigo Willing (Jan 2014)

Film Review of Matthew Victor Pastor’s Made in Australia by Indigo Willing (September 2014)

Maximum Choppage on ABC2: Insights from cast and crew by Indigo Willing (May 2014)

Interview with Kim Woozy, founder of MAHFIA Web TV by Indigo Willing (March 2014)

Lam Luan, founder of The Lam Tu Luan Lion Dance, Dragon Dance & Kung Fu School interviewed by Indigo Willing (November 2013)

Inteview with Matt Victor Pastor  by Indigo Willing (June 2013)

Interview with Thai Phuong by Indigo Willing (June 2013)

Interview with Aileen Huynh – persona George Dot Play by Indigo Willing (March 2013)

Interview with Khanh Trieu about acting experiences and hitting LA by Indigo Willing (Jan 2013)

Interview with Somchay Phakonkham about ‘The Boat’ by Indigo Willing (Jan 2013)

Interview with Maya Newell about her documentary ‘Gaby Baby‘ by Indigo Willing (December 2012)

Interview with Rachel Jessica Tan about ‘For Evie’ by Indigo Willing (Sept 2012)