Pg 7 – Talks and Seminars

Representative academic presentations are listed below. Various non-academic talks that I do within the community can be found by topic in the menu e.g. adoption, skateboarding, Asian Australian and general. This includes doing volunteer talks, workshops and seminars at schools, ethnic community events, community education programs, festivals and more. Note the table below is best viewed on computer screens rather than phone devices. 

Date Conference details  Representative Papers and Talks
September 2019 Racism, Sport and Genders: Moving Together and Beyond Binaries. Event Co-Convened by Willing, Indigo and Pavlidis, P., Griffith University, Australia


‘Skateboarding and Social Inclusion’ (Co-Convener and Panelist) – Sandy O’Sullivan A/P, Adele Pavlidis, Indigo Willing OAM, Laura Rodriguez Castro and  Diti Bhattacharya
September 2019 Women in Sport Symposium 3. Griffith University, Australia ‘Community Engagement and Social Change through Sport’ (Panel Speaker) –  Simone Fullagar, Adele Pavlidis, Indigo Willing


August 2019 Pushing Boarders, International Skateboarding Conference, Malmo, Sweden ‘The University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’ (Invited Panel Speaker / Sponsored) – Willing, Indigo, Abulhawa, Dani, Adelina. Ong, Cianciotto, Luke Chaired by Holsgens, Sander and Maclure, Stuart
November 2018 Women in Sport Symposium 2. Griffith University, Australia ‘Skateboarding, Diversity and Identity’ (Group panel featuring Girls Skate Brisbane and She Slays Gold Coast Skateboarding Representatives) – Willing, Indigo, Ryder, Evie, Day, Summer and Waldren, Tora
October 2017


Asian Australian Identities 6 Conference: Hosted by Asian Australian Studies Research Network, Melbourne Immigration Museum Exploring Diversity and Asian Diasporic Identities in Skateboarding (Plenary and Sponsored Speaker)
August 2016 Cosmopolitanism Symposium: Post-national, mobilities and identity, University of Western Australia Cosmopolitan Encounters: Approaches and Insights from an Australian Case Study – Willing, Indigo, Plage, Stefanie, Woodward, Ian and Skrbiš, Zlatko


Sosiologipäivät Jyväskylässä (Annual Sociology Conference, Finland), Jyväskylä, Findland Lone Wolves or Sisterhood: Female Participation in Male Dominated Cultures –   Malin Fransberg and Indigo Willing
Nov. 2015 The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Annual Conference, Cairns, Australia Conceptualisations of Place, Otherness and Cosmopolitan Encounters in Tropical Australia – Willing, Indigo, Plage, Stefanie, Woodward, Ian and Skrbiš, Zlatko
Nov. 2015 Histories of Youth Cultures Symposium, Griffith Centre for Cultural Research, Griffith University, Australia Skateboarding and Ageing in an Historically Alternative Youth Culture (Invited talk) – Willing, Indigo, Bennett, Andy, Piispa, Mikko


Seminar, Finnish Youth Research Network, Helsinki University, Finland International Perspectives on Social Research: Issues and Communities on the Margins (Invited talk)
Aug. 2015 Societas Ethica’s 52nd Annual Conference, Linkoping, Sweden Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Australian Context’ – Plage, Stefanie and  Willing, Indigo


European Sociological Association, Prague, Czech Republic Contradictions and Challenges in Cosmopolitan Encounters – Plage, Stefanie and  Willing, Indigo
June 2015 Finnish Youth Research Network Summer School, Helsinki, Finland Researching Under-Explored Actors, Places and Perspectives: Current Projects and New Possibilities (Invited Plenary Talk)


Dec. 2014 The Australian Sociological Association conference, University of South Adelaide ‘Cosmopolitanism in Australia: Encounters in Context’ – Woodward, Ian and Willing, Indigo
July 2014 Inequality in a Global World’ conference, International Sociological Association, Yokohama, Japan Cosmopolitanism, Place and Spatiality: Encounters in Context’ – Woodward, Ian and Willing, Indigo


May 2014 Culture Club Seminar Series, Griffith Centre for Cultural Research, Griffith University South Bank campus, Australia Diverse Voices and Representations of Community Support for Skateboarding -Willing, Indigo, Shearer, Scott


July 2013 The CosmopolitanIdeal: Challenges and Opportunities, Roehampton, University, London, UK The Study of Everyday Cosmopolitan Encounters: Contexts, Frames and Strategies


March, 2012 Mapping Adoption: Histories, Geographies, Literatures, Politics – ASAC 4th International Conference, Claremont College, CA, USA Chinese Transnational Adoption – Willing, Indigo, Ballard, Bert


The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), Newcastle, NSW, Australia Unlikely Cosmopolitans: Family Farmers who are Globally Engaged – Cheshire, Lynda, Willing, Indigo, Skrbiš, Zlatko
November 2011 Asian Australian Film Forum and Asian Australian Studies Research Network and The University of Melbourne Event Co-host and Co-convener: Asian Australian Film Forum 2 Day Event
Sept. 2010 The International Adoption Summit, Toronto, Canada Sociology of Transnational Adoption
2007 Adoption Conference, University of Pittsburgh USA Celebrity Adoptions Paper
2007 Asian Australian Occasion Film Festival, University of Queensland, Brisbane Welcome and Concluding Remarks as Event Convener
2002/2003 Rockefeller Research Fellowship in the Humanities, UMASS, Boston Vietnamese Adoptees in the Diaspora Project Reports
2002 Yale University South East Asian Students Association, New Hampton, USA Vietnamese Adoptees: A Study