Pg 10 – Support Appreciated

Indigo sitting on a seat with a skateboard
Photo from Pushing Boarders website.

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This teaching term in 2023 work at one of my campus teaching sites was canceled due to low student numbers. The economy is playing up hard on us all, and I work in a highly casualized sector.

This news came after I’d locked in a research trip to the US to meet my peers, present at a conference where I am on two panels, one promoting women and non-binary, First Nations, and WoC skaters, as well as finally being able to reunite with the co-author and illustrator of a book on US skateboarding that we co-wrote. The book had to be written while we were all in lockdown, unable to travel, and exhausted from the unforeseen ways the pandemic changed our lives in 2020-2022.

I am trying to raise $5K to help go towards the speakers’ registrations, some honorariums for the panel, and my airfare cost. If you are a billionaire, won the lottery, or an academic on a full-time contract wanting to pay it forward, please feel free to share your support 🙂


Bit more about me: My work bridges inclusive focused community research and projects and is largely supported via my casual teaching contracts, short-term consultancy work, small grants (that are often brutally competitive), and fueled with love (so a lot of volunteering). I believe we can all act to make positive social changes, especially to make everything we struggle with now be easier for the next person, group, and generations ahead. You can read more about the various projects and communities I’m involved with via the top menu. And thank you so much for visiting.