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Indigo doing skate trick on nose of her board at outdoor skatepark
Dr Indigo Willing, nose slappy at Coorparoo skatepark 2021 Photo: Miljana Miljevic.

With a drive to push open boundaries and to defy stereotypes, Indigo started skateboarding at the age of 41 and works on a number of projects and community initiatives dedicated to ‘non-traditional’ skateboarders. She has published articles in peer-reviewed international academic journals (Sociology, Sport in Society, Young Nordic Journal), in an edited collection by K J Lombard (Routledge) and in more accessible, free to access online skate media (Yeah Girl, Quell Magazine, Skateism and Two Set Zine). Her research has also been featured in Jenkem Magazine and in various interviews, podcasts and online media. Indigo is also co-authoring a book Skateboarding, Power and Change with Anthony Pappalardo due in 2023 (under contract). Her research combines insights from the sociology of youth cultures and subcultures, multi-generational participation in lifestyle sports, studies of gender and violence prevention, and video and visual research. 

She is also the co-founder of the We Skate QLD skateboarding network (founded in 2016 and previously known as Girls Skate Brisbane). The We Skate QLD group – run by a team of skateboarders – holds monthly skate meet ups around Meanjin, Brisbane, skate art workshops and exhibitions, and an annual Spring Jam skate competition that is open to all ages, stages of skating and genders. The Spring Jam also provides opportunities for people who are women, non binary and gender diverse individuals to not only gain competition experience but also gain training in the roles of MCs, event coordinators, skate coaching, photography, video-making and competition judging. Current members include Indigo, Evie Ryder, Tora Waldren, Lily Turek, Millie Miljevic, Alex Blyth and VT. In 2022 We Skate QLD was awarded third place in the Pushing Against Racism Community Grants program, sponsored by The GoodPush and co-created by Surf Ghana. We Skate QLD are partnering with Bloom Skateboarding and Death to Discrimination to run the ‘We All Skate QLD’ anti-racism photo and art competition.

Indigo is also the project leader and co-founder of Consent is Rad, an international campaign that she launched in 2019 at the Pushing Boarders skate conference in Malmo, Sweden. The launch of Consent is Rad was supported by two main groups, Pushing Boarders and Girl Skate Brisbane 2019 team: Indigo, Evie, Tora, Millie and Lily. The project went on to focus on promoting cultures of consent and resources on sexual violence prevention in skateboarding scenes globally. Throughout 20202 Consent is Rad has done numerous collaborations with various skate groups in the US, Australia and Europe (see website). This includes being invited to be a part of the ‘Break the Cycle’ collaborative campaign that has run in Thrasher Magazine (USA), Free Skate Magazine (Europe), Slam Skateboarding (Australia), Grass Fires Magazine (Australia), Solo Magazine (Germany), The  Skateboarders Companion (UK) and Skateism (Europe). In November 2021 The Consent is Rad project was awarded 2nd place in the Exposure Skate Rising Awards in the USA.  

Research and Journalism

Skate Academic Research

Willing, I, and Pappalardo, A, (forthcoming 2023) Skateboarding, Power and Change, London: Palgrave MacMillan.

Giamarino, C, O’Connor, P, and Willing, I (forthcoming 2023) The impacts of hostile designs on skateboarding as a form of active transportation and recreation: Comparing perspectives from public university spaces in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Cities and Health. Accepted December 2022. DOI: 

O’Connor, P, Evers, C, Glenney, B and Willing, I (2022) ‘Skateboarding in the Anthropocene: Grey Spaces of Polluted Leisure’. Leisure Studies. Accepted 29 November, 2022. DOI:

Willing, I, (2022) ‘The Film Kids 25 Years On: A Qualitative Study of Rape Culture and Representations of Sexual Violence in Skateboarding’. Young, Special Issue on Skateboarding. 30 (2): 149 – 164: (First published Nov 2020)

Willing, I (2021) Film Review, CRUTCH, Documentary based on Bill Shannon, Directed by Sachi Cunningham, Vayabobo, Bullfrog Films,

Willing. I, (2021) Book Review: ‘Skateboarding and Urban Landscapes in Asia: Endless Spots’ by Duncan McDuie-Ra. Asian Anthropology Journal. Preview version August, 2021:

Willing, I Green B and Pavlidis, A, (2020) ‘The ‘Boy Scouts’ and ‘Bad Boys’ of Skateboarding: A Thematic Analysis of ‘The Bones Brigade’’, Sport in Society. 23 (5): 832 – 864. DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2019.1580265 

Willing, I Bennett, A., Piispa, M., & Green, B, (2019). Skateboarding and the ‘Tired Generation’: Ageing in Youth Cultures and Lifestyle Sports. Sociology53(3), 503–518.

Willing, I and Shearer. S, (2015) ‘Diverse Voices and Representations of Community Support for Skateboarding’ in Skateboarding: Subcultures, Sites and Shifts, London: Routledge. Edited by Lombard, K-J. pp. 44 – 56. First Edition (Hard Copy, with Paper Back made available 2016). DOI eBook ISBN9781317570479

Skate Journalism

Willing, I (2022) ‘Challenging Stereotypes and Opening Pathways: Australian Skate Scene’ – Interview with Nick Hayes – Spinifex Skateboards, Chloe Covell – professional skater and bronze medal winner Japan X-Games 2022, Chad Ford and Sarah Huston – Bowlzilla x Yeah Girl, Riley Pemberton – Death to Discrimination, Lily Turek – Lil Grl Art, Luke O’Donnell – Bloom Skateboarding, Skateism Magazine, Print Issue 13 May 2022 release. /

Willing, I (2022) ‘Meet ‘Aunty Skates’ – The 47 Year Old Mom Who Skates in a Sari’, Skateism Magazine, Posted 8 March. Downloaded from:

Willing, I, (2020). ‘Don’t Touch: A Consent is Rad Collaboration with Rapper K-May’. Quell Skate Magazine. Posted 1 December. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I, (2020). ‘Skate and Regenerate: How Skateboarders are Making a Difference to the Environment’. Yeah Girl Media. Posted 1 December. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I, (2020). ‘2020 Skate Visions’: Pushing Boarders Reflections 3. Yeah Girl Media. Posted 29 January. Downloaded from URL: 

Willing, I, (2019). ‘Get By, Get Through, Get Rolling: Pushing Boarders Reflections 2’. Yeah Girl Media. Posted 17 December. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I, (2019). ‘The Evolution of Skateboarding and Why Pushing Boarders is a Sign of the Times’. Yeah Girl Media. posted 10 October. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I, (2019). ‘Strength, Courage and Resistance: An Interview with Navajo Nation Skater Di’orr Greenwood’, Yeah Girl Media. Posted 26 August 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I (2019), ‘Real Talk, Real Change: ‘An Interview with Sports Agent Yulin Oliver’, Yeah Girl Media. Posted 11 July 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I (2014)  ‘Interview with Kim Woozy, founder of MAHFIA Web TV ‘ Asian Australian Film Forum and Network Interview Series, (Posted March 2014). Downloaded from URL:

Willing, I (2014) ‘Interview with John Green: Underground Skateboarding and Filming the Homies’ Asian Australian Film Forum and Network Interview Series, (Posted 14 July 2014). Downloaded from URL:

Examples of Consultancy, Special Collaborative Projects and Awards

Representative Consultancy and Collaborative Skateboarding Projects and Awards


Event Program Facilitator, We Skate QLD‘s 6th Spring Jam. co-hosted with WCMX Australia, Chuffed Skates, Rumble Skateboarding, and a panel presented in collaboration with Griffith University. Fairfield Skatepark, 12 November 2022:

Relationships Australia and ICAFSS Community Grant Award for the Adoptees Rolling Out program co-hosted by We Skate QLD and Adopted Vietnamese International (with additional guidance by ICAV), October 2022 to June 2023.

Pushing Against Racism Community Grants, Third Place for the ‘We All Skate QLD’ project, to be facilitated by We Skate QLD in partnership with Bloom Skateboarding and Death to Discrimination. June – December 2022. Note in its inaugural run in 2022, where a group may have a member who is part of the Pushing Against Racism working group, their application was reviewed by assessors outside their region e.g. Oceania applicants assessed by Europe or US reviewers x 2.

Skateboarding Australia. ‘Rolling Free: Exploring Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity in Skating’. Chief Investigator: Dr Indigo Willing. Co-Investigators: Dr Adele Pavlidis and Professor Simon Fullagar. Research consultancy as part of a Sports Australia Women Leadership in Sport (WILS) organization grant awarded to Ariane de Rooy.  April 2022 to December 2022

Griffith Gender and Equity Network (GERN), Gender Empowerment Seed Grants, Griffith University. Chief Investigator: Dr Indigo Willing, Co-Investigators: Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz, Dr Adele Pavlidis and Dr Justine Hottem. Seed Grant for project ‘Red Flags, Banter and Blurred Lines: Exploring Consent in Sport’, Awarded for February 2022 to December 2022

Rollende Minas x Consent is Rad video project (2022) – Advisor. This video is led by Rollende Minas Skate and debuted in2022 featuring 20 plus FLINTA* skaters from around Europe and was based on a weekend video shoot in April 2022 that also had a workshop component on consent. Link

Ask Campaign (2022), Doyenne Skateboards x Consent of Breakfast x Hera Skate with Consent is Rad as a supporting partner, launched 16 April 2022. This initiative consisted of an international awareness and education project.

Skate Like a Girl x Tactic x Consent is Rad tee collaboration (2022). Campaign Collaborator. With a gender neutral and comfortable design, long sleeved tees were launched on 8 March 2022 to raise funds for Skate Like a Girls empowering programs while also building awareness about Consent is Rad.


Skate Rising Awards for Social Projects, hosted by Exposure Skate (2021). 2nd place for facilitating the Consent is Rad campaign. This category was judged by an independent panel who were not staff of Exposure.

Exposure Skate Guest Social Media Co-host (2021). Work includes original content creation with a Pacific and Oceania focus, Exposure X promo video content and Underexposed x 2 documentary short edits. 27 Sept to 1st October.

‘Play On’ project guest lecture (2021) invited by International Olympics Committee Young Leaders Program recipient Jemima Montag, Online workshop series on gender inclusion and sport, my talk uses a case study of skateboarding, 18 September.

The GoodPush Alliance and Skateistan: Consent is Rad representative on the working Group with The Goodpush Alliance and Skateistan (2021) ‘Pushing Against Racism’ Campaign, Launched May 29. Link:

WKND Skateboards: Barbier, E, Garcia Vasquez, K, Willing, I, Beachy, K (2021) ‘Break the Cycle: Let’s End Rape Culture’, Featured in Thrasher Magazine, June Issue #491, Free Skate Magazine, January Issue #34 and others. The campaign is rolled out by Consent is Rad and co-written via invitation by a US facilitator. Done with support from WKND Skateboards and members of the skate community.


The Skate Witches x Vans: Depth of Field Video Workshop Series. Edited by Shari White. Co-written by Kristin Ebeling (2020). Guest lecture, online workshop on writing. (5 August). YouTube video and URL:

For my community work with Consent is Rad and We Skate QLD see further down webpage

Skate Releated Videos, Talks and Documentaries

Featured in the following

‘Panel in the Park: Research and Well Being Talking Circle’ (2022), We Skate QLD 6th Annual Spring Jam Event, Fairfield Skatepark, Co-Moderated by Professor Simone Fullagar and Dr Indigo Willing, Panel Co-hosted by We Skate QLD and Griffith University with speakers Dr Adele Pavlidis (also panel facilitator), Timothy Lachlan, Evie Ryder, Brianna Palmer and Professor Allison Waters, 12 November 2022:

Associate of Collegiate of Schools of Planning Conference (2022) – ‘Walk Your Wheels in the Dismount Zone: Hostile designs, skateboarding, and (dis)affordances and (multi)stabilities on university campuses in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia’ Paper presented  Christopher Giamarino (UCLA on behalf of all co-authors), Dr. Paul O’Connor (University of Exeter) and Dr. Indigo Willing (Griffith University), (2022) Track 15 – Urban Design Session: 15.4: Mobility in Public Spaces, held at ACSP, Toronto, 3 November 2022: 

KISMIF (Keep it Fast, Make is Simple) (2022) – Satellite event Brisbane/broadcast to Portugal (2022), Skateboarding panel talk, co-hosted by KISMIF and Griffith University, 13-16 July, 2022. Brisbane program tba:

Melbourne Design Week MPavillion (2022) ‘Kick, Push, Coast to a Better Future’, panel featuring Kirby Clark of Decks for Change, Nick Hayes from First Nations Skate Tour and Spinifex skate brand, sociologist Dr Indigo Willing from Consent is Rad/We Skate QLD and skatepark creator Wade Travean from EastbyWest and The Skate School. 26 March 2022. Melbourne. Podcast recording here –  Event overview here:

Safe and inclusive public spaces: UN Sustainable Development Goal 11, Target 7 Seminar (2021) ‘Subcultures in Public Spaces: A Case Study of Skateboarding’ Dr Indigo Willing, Griffith University and Chris Giamarino, UCLA, held at Griffith University South Bank campus, Australia November 2021.

The Goodpush Summit, Skateistan (2021) ‘Pushing Against Racism’ panel chaired by Denia Kopia, Skateism, with speakers from Impact Skate Club, Poseidon Skateboarding, Surf Ghana, Fro Skate, Apache Skateboards and Consent is Rad. 22nd September, 2021. Youtube:

‘Play On’ project guest lecture (2021) invited by International Olympics Committee Young Leaders Program recipient Jemima Montag, Online workshop series on gender inclusion and sport, my talk uses a case study of skateboarding, 18 September.

Griffith University Safe Campuses, (2021), Panelist, ‘Be An Influencer: Sexual Consent and Sexual Violence Awareness Week’, 5 May, 2021

Skate Like A Girl, (2021) Guest speaker for ‘Virtual Hang Outs’ Q and A session, 22 February (as part of their covid-safe Virtual programing)

Super Ordinary Twitch TV/Supord (2020) Interviewed with Kayla Cosgrove about Consent is Rad. 20 December, 2020.

Barbier, M and Willing, I (2020), ‘Beyond the Gender Binary: Skateboarding and the Olympics’, Skateboard, de la rue à l’olympisme Conference, Rouen University, 29 October, 2020. 

‘Top Gun and the Sociology of Skateboarding’ (2020) The Hospital Flip Podcast with Conner, Jack. Film, skateboarding and sociology discussion. Posted 26 September, 2020. At Podcast on Spotify here

‘Q and A Session for Sport: The State of Play’, (2020) The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group. Chaired by Dr Barrie Shannon. Panel: Dr Ryan Storr, Dr Madeleine Pape, Dr Adele Pavlidis and Dr Indigo Willing. Posted 11 September, 2020. Web: 

‘Everything Sport, Gender and Sexualities’ (2020) talk as part of Gender and Sexualities in Sport: Theorising the State of Play. For Social Sciences Week. Dr Adele Pavlidis and Dr Indigo Willing. Filmed by Bevan Bache at Griffith University. Hosted by The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group: Posted 7 September, 2020. Web: and YouTube Video: here

‘Sport and Violence Prevention Panel’, (2020) Hosted by the Sport and Gender Equity Network at Griffith University, Australia, chaired by Dr Adele Pavlidis. 18 August, 2020. YouTube video: 

The Skate Witches x Vans Collaboration (2020). Depth of Field Series. Edited by Shari White. Co-writer Kristin Ebeling. Online workshops on photography, videography and writing. Featured on the writing team of instructors (screens from 5 August). YouTube video and URL:

SBS Viceland and SBS News Story by Ravik, Naveen. (2020) SBS News, Australia. Facebook SBS Video – & Twitter Short SBS Video here 

Pushing Boarders Panel, (2019) ‘The University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’, Malmo, Sweden. Chaired by Dr Sander Holsgens and Stuart Maclure with Luke Cianciotto, Dr Dani Abulhawa, Dr Adelina Ong, Dr Indigo Wiling and Sophie Friedel. Talk given 18 August, published 22 November 2019, Downloaded from URL: 

Ryder, Evie, (2015) ‘Skate Like a Girl’ published 12 January, 2015, Downloaded from URL: ( )

Stewart, Kane, (2013) ‘Affirmative Action: A Brisbane Skateboarding Documentary’, The Bay Skate YouTube Channel, published 15 August, 2013, Downloaded from URL: (

Skate News/Media/Podcasts

Interviewed or featured in the following media, podcasts and online news

From 2022

Huston, S (2022) Creating the Ask Campaign: A Collaborative Project About Consent, Yeah Girl Media, Posted 30 June. A collective interview with Doyenne Skateboards, Consent for Breakfast, Hera Skate, and Consent is Rad, Downloaded 28 July 2022:

Skaters Bowled Over by Skatepark Opposition (2022), Sun Herald. Sydney Morning Herald Sunday paper. Interviewed as part of a story by Andrew Taylor. 22 May, 2002. Link here

The Gender Card Podcast (2022), Griffith University. Interview by Nance Hoxton with Dr Indigo Willing and Dr Adele Pavlidis about the project Red Flags, Blurred Lines and Banter: Exploring Consent in Sport. Recorded 6 April, 2022.Broadcast 10 May 2022 Show

The Make Meaning Podcast, MN, USA. Interview by Lynne Golodner. 30 March, 2022. To air mid year. Show

Sunday Afternoon Program, ABC National Radio. (2022). Interview with Joel Spreadborough. 27 March, 2022 – audio link expires after 7 days but download available upon request

Melbourne Design Week MPavillion (2022) ‘Kick, Push, Coast to a Better Future’, panel featuring Kirby Clark of Decks for Change, Nick Hayes from First Nations Skate Tour and Spinifex skate brand, sociologist Dr Indigo Willing from Consent is Rad/We Skate QLD and skatepark creator Wade Travean from EastbyWest and The Skate School. 26 March 2022. Melbourne. Podcast recording here –  Event overview here:

Gilbreath, Aaron, 6 January (2022), Talking with 50 year old skateboarder Dr Indigo Wiling, Oldster Magazine Online. Link here

From 2021

ZZZ Radio, 25 November (2021) Interview with Dr Indigo Willing and Lily Turek about skateboarding and skaters’ life experiences by Heather Anderson for Talking Zeds 10am – 12pm show.  Link here

ABC Brisbane Radio, 30 October (2021) Interview with Dr Indigo Willing and Dr Adele Pavlidis by Kate O’Toole for ABC Weekends Breakfast. At the 3.27.45 mark .Link here

Carving a New Path 27 October (2021) Interviewed with Alumni Dr Indigo Willing about skateboarding and the UQ Slam skate contest by UQ Life, University of Queensland. Link here

Who Would Not Think Consent is Rad? 12 October (2021) Interview with Dr Indigo Willing, project leader and co-founder of Consent is Rad by Gino Fischer, Solo Skate Magazine (Germany / English version available). here

ABC Brisbane Radio, 28 September (2021) Interview by Rebecca Levingston. Mornings program. Topic: Skateboarding in the city, rally for new skatepark and skate research on safe and culturally inclusive spaces. Link here

Templeton Elliot, Patrick Kigongo and Jason from Frozen in Carbonite, 15 August (2021) Interview with Consent is Rad and Uma Video Episode, featuring Dr Indigo Willing discussing the 2nd anniversary of Consent is Rad for the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast, Downloaded from Also available on Soundcloud here

Kunjin, Priya, 3 May (2021), Interview about anti-racism and fighting discrimination in skateboarding, with Emily Kofoa of Girls Skate Gold Coast and Songline Skateboards Indigenous Ambassador for Women, Women on the Line Radio (national):

From 2020

Dittman, Andie, 13 December (2020) ‘Willing to Test the Status Quo’. Hey Neighbour Magazine. Downloaded from:

Ngaluafe, Eddie, 17 September (2020) ‘Tony Hawk’s Video Game Comes of Age for Mature Skaters’. Griffith University News. Downloaded from: 

Yeah Girl Media, 18 August (2020) ‘Skating and Educating about Consent: The 1st Anniversary of Consent is Rad’. Downloaded from URL: 

Hill, Christine, (2020) ‘Focus on Link Between Sport and Violence Prevention: ‘It’s On All of Us’, Griffith University News, published 17 August, 2020. Downloaded from URL:

Ravik, Naveen. 25 January, (2020) ‘Fitting in was a challenge for Vietnamese orphan Indigo, so she created her own community’. SBS News, Australia. Article link here / SBS Radio Audio link here /  Video here on Twitter with captions in English language supplied. URL: 

From 2019

Jenkem Magazine Staff,14 October, 2019. ‘Looking Into the World Of Skate Academia’, review of skate research, Jenkem Magazine, Posted 14 October, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Coughlin-Bogue, Tobias, 2 October, 2019. ‘Consent is Rad – is Rad’. Interview in Skateism Magazine. Posted 2 October, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Burgess, Melanie, 28 September, 2019. Story for QNews Weekend Magazine, The Courier Mail. Interviewed about research and volunteering in adoption and skateboarding. Print copy only (not online).

Highlights and Take Aways from Pushing Boarders, 14 September, 2019. Yeah Girl Media, Norma Ibarra. Included in Photo Series:

Lay, Ryan, 2019, September. Interviewed as part of the ‘Pushing Boarders Interviews Show 1’. Vent City Skate Podcast Show. Subscribers Content

Bailey, Hannah, 2019, 29 August, 2019, ‘Pushing Boarders wants to Start a Conversation’. Huck Magazine. Photography and reflections by various panelists and attendees. Downloaded from URL:

Griffith University News, 2019, News story ‘Researcher Skates into Swedish Conference’ – Interview about speaking at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden Posted 16 August, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Levingston, Rebecca, 2019, ABC Brisbane Radio, 8th August, Morning Program. Producer Terry Begley. Interviewed about skateboarding research and invited talk at the ‘University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’ panel at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden.

Holsgens, Sander, 2019, ‘University of Skate, Community before Cliques: An Interview with Indigo Willing’. Posted 21 June, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Pani, Fed, 2019, ‘The Library is a Space to Thrive’, QLD State Library Blog. Posted 5 May, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

From 2018

Stenner, Ashlee, 2018, ‘Female Skateboarders Shred Stigma’, The Source News – Griffith University, Online News, Australia. Feature Article, Posted October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Stone, Latosha, 2018, ‘Skateboarding Moms’ Lifestyle Changes: Tricks and Wisdom from Five Moms That Skate’, Proper Gnar Blog, USA. Posted 10 October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Abada, Adam, 2018, ‘Werewolf Cats Skating’, Stoke of the Week Blog, USA.Posted 19 October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Prior years

White, Shari, 2015. ‘No Excuses: Interview with Dr Indigo Willing’, The Skate Witches Zine, Issue 2, April, p 2- 3.

Magee, Tom, 2015. ‘Story of a Mum Who Skates’, Malaise Skate/Punk Fanzine, Issue 2, February, p 2.

Skate Community Work


  • Project Leader and Social Media Manager, August 2019 – Current
  • Facilitator of Global launch at Pushing Boarders conference in Malmo, Sweden, August 2019
  • Co-Founder, August 2019 – current
  • Group Instagram @consent_is_rad
  • Group Website:

An international collaboration to promote no naming, no shaming or blaming positive messages about sexual consent and healthy communication in the skateboarding community. Launched by Dr Indigo Willing at Pushing Boarders Malmo in 2019 in collaboration with co-founders Indigo, Evie Ryder, Tora Waldren and Millie Miljevic at Girls Skate Brisbane 2019 team (which later developed into the separately run group We Skate QLD), the team from Pushing Boarders and with support from Skateism, Skate Like a Girl, Girls Shred and more.

2019-08-17 10.44.07
Rick McCrank supporting the message Consent is Rad in the skateboarding scene
2019-08-15 04.08.32
Kristen Ebeling and others supporting the message Consent is Rad in the skateboarding scene
2019-09-18 15.05.08
Keire Johnson and Bing Liu (director of the Academy Award nominated documentary Minding the Gap, 2019) supporting the Consent is Rad campaign.


  • Researcher and social media co-admin from July 2020 – current
  • Co-Founder, 2016

Group Instagram: @weskateqld

Group Blog: 

Re-launched as We Skate QLD in July 2020 to expand our welcome and community, Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB) was originally launched in 2016 by Evie Ryder, Tora Waldren, Sophia Ross, myself and others and is an ever growing network for individuals who wish to meet and skate with other women, girls and non-binary, non conforming gender and gender fluid identifying skateboarders. The current team includes Evie Ryder, Tora Waldren, myself, Millie Miljevic, Lily Turek, Alex Blyth and Vivi T. The network creates formal and informal occasions for skateboarders to meet, such as through coaching and trick progress workshops, skate competitions, art exhibitions, film nights, zine launches and through social media.

Girls Skate Brisbane Co-founders
Girls Skate Brisbane Co-founders, group changed their name to We Skate QLD in 2020.

Skateboarding Teaching and Workshops

  • Lecturing and workshop co-ordinator for trainee School Coaches doing Health and Physical Sciences degree. Hosted by Dr Sue Whatman. Griffith University.

Workshop includes an introduction to the social and physical benefits of skateboarding for schools (primary to high school), and an introduction to its cultural history. This includes the reach of skateboarding over to countries such as Afghanistan and Cambodia. The workshop also covers how to teach skateboarding for beginners, from doing risk assessments to rolling out inclusive learning (such as group learning and other steps to respectful participation). The final part of the workshop is a practical demonstration, led by invited guests from key skateboarding groups. If you would like to run a workshop for your staff please contact me.

  • Skateboarding Coach Level 1, Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative (ASCI)

Certificate of Accreditation in Coaching Level 1 awarded 2019. Trained as a coach and workshop teacher with beginner skateboarding lessons for girls and kids in group classes and workshops throughout Brisbane 2018 – present.

  • Skate Coach, ‘Move and Shake Workshops’ for youth who are adopted and in foster care families, in June 2018 at Ramp Attak and June 2019 at Village Skatepark, QLD.

The ‘Move and Shake Workshops’ are organised by Anna Princess Kopein and hosted by Adoptee Lighthouse and the International Adoptive Families QLD Network. As skate coach my role is to introduce participants, typically aged between 8 years – 18 years old, to skatepark etiquette, getting beginners to roll and feel confident and encouraging intimidate skaters with more experience to network with their peers through their shared love of skateboarding.

Skate Art and Skate Zine

Werewolf Cats Skating Art Instagram @werewolfcatsskating

Werewolf Cats Skating Zine 1, Art by Indigo Willing. Design by Daniel Vincent. 2018. Copy archived at Invisible Ink, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Skate Art Exhibitions and Workshops

Group Show, 3 pieces. ‘Never Comply: Art Pop Up Show’. The Station Gallery, Brisbane. May 2021.

Group Show, 1 piece, ‘Yeah Girl Skateboarding/Bowlzilla/Beach Burrito’ Skate Event Closing Party (2020), Beach Burrito Coolangatta, 12 March 2020

Group Show, 1 piece, ‘Big Deck Energy’ (2020), The Burrow West End, curated by Lily Turek and sponsored by Girls Skate Brisbane, 1 February, 2020

HOTA – Home of the Arts Festival (2019) ‘Lil Grl Art / Consent is Rad / Girls Skate Brisbane’ Art and Chill zone as part of Yeah Girl Skateboarding activities at Concrete Culture, Queensland Arts Centre, 8 December

Artwork – painting on canvas – displayed as part of skater and library ambassador ‘Evie Ryder’s Life Moments Collections’ (2019) in the Sunshine State of Mind Exhibition, State Library Queensland

Group Show, 3 pieces in the Yeah Girl Skateboarding/Bowlzilla/Surf Dive and Ski/Beach Burrito Skate Event Closing Party (2018), Beach Burrito Coolangatta, March, 2018

Solo Show, Werewolf Cats Skating Art (2018), at Skate All Day Indoor Skatepark event held by Ol’ Man Skateboard Riders (OMSR) fundraising for Beyond Blue, 2018

Dr Indigo Willing