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Dr Indigo Willing

Dr Indigo Willing

Skateboarding Research and Writing

Willing, I, (2019). ‘Strength, Courage and Resilience: An Interview with Navajo Nation Skater Di’orr Greenwood’, Yeah Girl Media. Posted 26 August 2019. Downloaded from URL:

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Willing, I (2014) ‘Interview with John Green: Underground Skateboarding and Filming the Homies’ Asian Australian Film Forum and Network Interview Series, (Posted 14 July 2014). Downloaded from URL:

Skate Community Work

  • Co-Founder, Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB)

Instagram: @girlsskatebrisbane

Facebook: girlsskatebris

Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB) was launched in 2017 and is a network for individuals who wish to meet and skate with other women, girls and non-binary and gender fluid identifying skateboarders. GSB creates formal and informal occasions for skateboarders to meet, such as through coaching and trick progress workshops, skate competitions, art exhibitions, film nights, zine launches and through social media. The volunteer admin team are Evie Ryder (Sk8shop Team), Tora Waldren (Luckfoot Team), Indigo Willing (Skate Researcher & Artist) and with various volunteers (and original contributors also including Sophia Ross, now at the Gold Coast and Amanda France, now at Skate Well / Bohemia Skateboards).

An international collaboration to promote no naming, no shaming or blaming positive messages about sexual consent and healthy communication in the skateboarding community. Launched at Pushing Boarders Malmo in cooperation with various individuals from Girls Skate Brisbane, Pushing Boarders, Skateism, The Skate Witches, Girls Shred and more.

2019-08-17 10.44.07

Rick McCrank supporting the message Consent is Rad in the skateboarding scene

2019-08-15 04.08.32

Kristen Ebeling and others supporting the message Consent is Rad in the skateboarding scene

  • Skateboarding Coach Level 1, Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative (ASCI)

Certificate of Accreditation in Coaching Level 1 awarded 2019. Trained as a coach and assisted with beginner skateboarding lessons for girls and kids in group classes and workshops throughout Brisbane (Ferny Grove x 2, Murarrie x 2, Paddington x 1 and Fairfield x 2 GSB events) in 2018.

  • Skate Coach, ‘Move and Shake Workshops’ for youth who are adopted and in foster care families, in June 2018 at Ramp Attak and June 2019 at Village Skatepark, QLD.

The ‘Move and Shake Workshops’ are organised by Anna Princess Kopein and hosted by Adoptee Lighthouse and the International Adoptive Families QLD Network. As skate coach my role is to introduce participants, typically aged between 8 years – 18 years old, to skatepark etiquette, getting beginners to roll and feel confident and encouraging intimidate skaters with more experience to network with their peers through their shared love of skateboarding.

Skate Art and Skate Zine

Werewolf Cats Skating Art Instagram @werewolfcatsskating

Werewolf Cats Skating Zine 1, Art by Indigo Willing. Design by Daniel Vincent. 2018. Copy archived at Invisible Ink, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Skate Art Exhibitions

Group Show, 3 pieces in the Yeah Girl Skateboarding/Bowlzilla/Surf Dive and Ski/Beach Burrito Skate Event Closing Party, Beach Burrito Coolangatta, 2018

Solo Show, Werewolf Cats Skating Art, at Skate All Day Indoor Skatepark event held by Ol’ Man Skateboard Riders (OMSR) fundraising for Beyond Blue, 2018

Artwork – painting on canvas – displayed as part of skater and library ambassador ‘Evie Ryder’s Life Moments Collections’ in the Sunshine State of Mind Exhibition, State Library Queensland, 2019

Featured in Skate Documentaries

Interviewed in the following documentaries:

Ryder, Evie, 2015, ‘Skate Like a Girl’ published 12 January, 2015, Downloaded from URL: ( )

Stewart, Kane, 2013, ‘Affirmative Action: A Brisbane Skateboarding Documentary’, The Bay Skate YouTube Channel, published 15 August, 2013, Downloaded from URL: (

Featured in Skate News/Media

Interviewed in the following media and online news:

Burgess, Melanie, 2019, Feature Story for QNews Weekend Magazine, The Courier Mail. Publishing date – September. Interviewed about presenting at the ‘University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’ panel at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden

Bailey, Hannah, 2019, 29 August, 2019, ‘Pushing Boarders wants to Start a Conversation’ Photography and reflections by various panelists and attendees. Downloaded from URL:

Griffith University News, 2019, News story ‘Researcher Skates into Swedish Conference’ – Interview about speaking at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden Posted 16 August, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Levingston, Rebecca, 2019, ABC Brisbane Radio, 8th August, Morning Program. Producer Terry Begley. Interviewed about skateboarding research and invited talk at the ‘University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’ panel at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden.

Holsgens, Sander, 2019, ‘University of Skate, Community before Cliques: An Interview with Indigo Willing’. Posted 21 June, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Pani, Fed, 2019, ‘The Library is a Space to Thrive’, QLD State Library Blog. Posted 5 May, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

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Magee, Tom, 2015. ‘Story of a Mum Who Skates’, Malaise Skate/Punk Fanzine, Issue 2, February, p 2.


Girls Skate Brisbane Co-founders

Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB) Co-founders: Tora Waldren, Indigo ‘Indi’ Willing and Evie Ryder (with Sophia Ross who was also a GSB OG who now lives on the Gold Coast)