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Photo from Oldster Magazine on skateboarding January 2022

Representative interviews or work featured in the following media plus recorded workshops and seminars – thank you to the journalists, networks and event hosts for their time to listen to and share news about the various sociological, skateboarding, adoption, migration and multicultural activities below:-

Print, Radio, Podcasts and Online Media

Featured in the following 

‘Welcome to the Sunshine State: We Skate QLD’ (2023) Interviewed with Evie Ryder by Josh Sabini. Monster Children Magazine. 22 March, 2023. Link here

‘Skateboarding Represents both Pollution and Sustainability’ (2023) University of Exeter News story on environmental research led by Paul O’Connor, with Evers, C, Glenney, B and Willing, 20th January, 2023: I 

The Birthing and Justice Podcast (2023). RMIT University. Interview by Dr Ruth DeSouza with Dr Jacynta Krakouer and Dr Indigo Willing. Topic First Nations children and Intercountry adoptees.13 January, 2023. Link here

The Vietnamese Podcast (2022). Interviewed by Kenneth Nguyen. 7 December 2022. Link here: 

Skaters Bowled Over by Skatepark Opposition (2022), Sun Herald. Sydney Morning Herald Sunday paper. Interviewed as part of a story by Andrew Taylor. 22 May, 2022. Link here

The Gender Card Podcast (2022), Griffith University. Interview by Nance Hoxton with Dr Indigo Willing and Dr Adele Pavlidis about the project Red Flags, Blurred Lines and Banter: Exploring Consent in Sport. Recorded 6 April, 2022.Broadcast 10 May 2022 Show

The Make Meaning Podcast, MN, USA. Interview by Lynne Golodner. 30 March, 2022. To air mid year. Show

Sunday Afternoon Program, ABC National Radio. (2022). Interview with Joel Spreadborough. 27 March, 2022 – audio link expires after 7 days but download available upon request

Gilbreath, Aaron, 6 January (2022), Talking with 50 year old skateboarder Dr Indigo Wiling, Oldster Magazine Online. Link here

ZZZ Radio, 25 November (2021) Interview with Dr Indigo Willing and Lily Turek about skateboarding and skaters’ life experiences by Heather Anderson for Talking Zeds 10am – 12pm show.  Link here

ABC Brisbane Radio, 30 October (2021) Interview with Dr Indigo Willing and Dr Adele Pavlidis by Kate O’Toole for ABC Weekends Breakfast. At the 3.27.45 mark .Link here

Carving a New Path 27 October (2021) Interviewed with Alumni Dr Indigo Willing about skateboarding and the UQ Slam skate contest by UQ Life, University of Queensland. Link here

Who Would Not Think Consent is Rad? 12 October (2021) Interview with Dr Indigo Willing, project leader and co-founder of Consent is Rad by Gino Fischer, Solo Skate Magazine (Germany / English version available). here

ABC Brisbane Radio, 28 September (2021) Interview by Rebecca Levingston. Mornings program. Topic: Skateboarding in the city, rally for new skatepark and skate research on safe and culturally inclusive spaces. Link here

Consent is Rad and Uma Video Episode, 15 August (2021) Interview by Templeton Elliot, Patrick Kigongo and Jason from Frozen in Carbonie who talk with Dr Indigo Willing about the 2nd anniversary of Consent is Rad for the Mostly Skateboarding Podcast, Also available on Soundcloud here

University of Michigan Press, August (2021) ‘Korean and Vietnamese Adoptees on the Intimate Racialized Politics of Transracial Adoption’, A discussion with author Jane Trenka, sociologist Dr Indigo Willing and artist kimura byol-nathalie lemoine about the re-release of the book Outsiders Within (2020 new edition by University of Minnesota Press, original from 2006). Downloaded from:

Kunjin, Priya, 3 May (2021), Skateboarding, Consent and Inclusivity, (2021) Interviewed with Emily Kafoa (Girls Skate Gold Coast and Songline Skateboarding) Women on the Line Radio Program. Downloaded from: 

Dittman, Andie, 13 December (2020) ‘Willing to Test the Status Quo’. Hey Neighbour Magazine. Downloaded from:

Ngaluafe, Eddie, 17 September (2020) ‘Tony Hawk’s Video Game Comes of Age for Mature Skaters’. Griffith University News. Downloaded from: 

Yeah Girl Media, 18 August (2020) ‘Skating and Educating about Consent: The 1st Anniversary of Consent is Rad’. Downloaded from URL:

Hill, Christine, (2020) ‘Focus on Link Between Sport and Violence Prevention: ‘It’s On All of Us’, Griffith University News, published 17 August, 2020. Downloaded from URL:

Ravik, Naveen. 25 January, (2020) ‘Fitting in was a challenge for Vietnamese orphan Indigo, so she created her own community’. SBS News, Australia. Article link here / SBS Radio Audio link here /  Video here on Twitter with captions in English language supplied. URL: 

Jenkem Magazine Staff,14 October, (2019). ‘Looking Into the World Of Skate Academia’, review of skate research, Jenkem Magazine, Posted 14 October, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Coughlin-Bogue, Tobias, 2 October, (2019). ‘Consent is Rad – is Rad’. Interview in Skateism Magazine. Posted 2 October, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Burgess, Melanie, 28 September, (2019). Story for QNews Weekend Magazine, The Courier Mail.  Interviewed about research and volunteering in adoption and skateboarding. Print copy only (not online).

Highlights and Take Aways from Pushing Boarders, 14 September, (2019). Yeah Girl Media, Norma Ibarra. Included in Photo Series:

Lay, Ryan, (2019), September. Interviewed as part of the ‘Pushing Boarders Interviews Show 1’. Vent City Skate Podcast Show. Subscribers Content

Bailey, Hannah, 2019, 29 August, (2019), ‘Pushing Boarders wants to Start a Conversation’, Huck Magazine. Photography and reflections by various panelists and attendees. Downloaded from URL:

Griffith University News, (2019), News story ‘Researcher Skates into Swedish Conference’ – Interview about speaking at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden Posted 16 August, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Levingston, Rebecca, (2019), ABC Brisbane Radio, 8th August, Morning Program. Producer Terry Begley. Interviewed about skateboarding research and invited talk at the ‘University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’ panel at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden.

Holsgens, Sander, (2019), ‘University of Skate, Community before Cliques: An Interview with Indigo Willing’. Posted 21 June, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Pani, Fed, (2019), ‘The Library is a Space to Thrive’, QLD State Library Blog. Posted 5 May, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Stenner, Ashlee, (2018), ‘Female Skateboarders Shred Stigma’, The Source News – Griffith University, Online News, Australia. Feature Article, Posted October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Stone, Latosha, (2018), ‘Skateboarding Moms’ Lifestyle Changes: Tricks and Wisdom from Five Moms That Skate’, Proper Gnar Blog, USA. Posted 10 October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Abada, Adam, (2018), ‘Werewolf Cats Skating’, Stoke of the Week Blog, USA.Posted 19 October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

White, Shari, (2015). ‘No Excuses: Interview with Dr Indigo Willing’, The Skate Witches Zine, Issue 2, April, p 2- 3.

Magee, Tom, (2015). ‘Story of a Mum Who Skates’, Malaise Skate/Punk Fanzine, Issue 2, February, p 2.

Interviewed for SBS Film about the Asian Australian Film Festival by Craig Matheison (October 2011):

Interviewed for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio ‘Tangled Web’ Feature on Adoption, (March 2011):

Interviewed on Vietnamese Adoption, ABC Radio, (August 2008):

University of Queensland News article on PhD Research on adoption in (March 2005):–

Videos, Online Talks and Documentaries

Featured in the following – See Talks and Seminars link in the menu also for more information

Super Ordinary Twitch TV/Supord (2020) Interviewed with Kayla Cosgrove about Consent is Rad. 20 December, 2020.

Barbier, M and Willing, I (2020), ‘Beyond the Gender Binary: Skateboarding and the Olympics’, Skateboard, de la rue à l’olympisme Conference, Rouen University, 29 October, 2020. 

‘Top Gun and the Sociology of Skateboarding’ (2020) The Hospital Flip Podcast with Conner, Jack. Film, skateboarding and sociology discussion. Posted 26 September, 2020. At Podcast on Spotify here

‘Q and A Session for Sport: The State of Play’ (2020) The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group. Chaired by Dr Barrie Shannon. Panel: Dr Ryan Storr, Dr Madeleine Pape, Dr Adele Pavlidis and Dr Indigo Willing. Posted 11 September, 2020. Web: 

‘Everything Sport, Gender and Sexualities’ (2020) talk as part of Gender and Sexualities in Sport: Theorising the State of Play. For Social Sciences Week. Dr Adele Pavlidis and Dr Indigo Willing. Filmed by Bevan Bache at Griffith University. Hosted by The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group: Posted 7 September, 2020. Web: and YouTube Video

‘Sport and Violence Prevention Panel’, (2020) Hosted by the Sport and Gender Equity Network at Griffith University, Australia, chaired by Dr Adele Pavlidis. 18 August, 2020. YouTube video: 

The Skate Witches x Vans Collaboration (2020). Depth of Field Series. Edited by Shari White. Co-writer Kristin Ebeling. Online workshops on photography, videography and writing. Featured on the writing team of instructors (screens from 5 August). YouTube video and URL:

SBS Viceland and SBS News Story by Ravik, Naveen. (2020) SBS News, Australia. Facebook SBS Video – & Twitter Short SBS Video here 

Pushing Boarders Panel, (2019) ‘The University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’, Malmo, Sweden. Chaired by Dr Sander Holsgens and Stuart Maclure with Luke Cianciotto, Dr Dani Abulhawa, Dr Adelina Ong, Dr Indigo Wiling and Sophie Friedel. Talk given 18 August, published 22 November 2019, Downloaded from URL: 

Miljevic, Miljana, (2019), ‘Seriously, A Girl Skateboarder Story’, Short Documentary for her Film Assessment project for Griffith College of Arts, Screened 2nd August, Griffith Film School Cinema, Griffith University.

Ryder, Evie, (2015) ‘Skate Like a Girl’ published 12 January, 2015, Downloaded from URL: ( )

Stewart, Kane, (2013) ‘Affirmative Action: A Brisbane Skateboarding Documentary’, The Bay Skate YouTube Channel, published 15 August, 2013, Downloaded from URL: (

Story from The Source News, Griffith University

Story from The Source News, Griffith University