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Representative interviews in the following media – thank you to the journalists for their time to listen to and share ideas, issues and news about sociological research, skateboarding, adoption and migration, multiculturalism and other things I research or volunteer for:-

Ravik, Naveen. 25 January, (2020) ‘Fitting in was a challenge for Vietnamese orphan Indigo, so she created her own community’. SBS News, Australia. Article link here / SBS Radio Audio link here /  Video here on Twitter with captions in English language supplied. URL: 

Jenkem Magazine Staff,14 October, (2019). ‘Looking Into the World Of Skate Academia’, review of skate research, Jenkem Magazine, Posted 14 October, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Coughlin-Bogue, Tobias, 2 October, (2019). ‘Consent is Rad – is Rad’. Interview in Skateism Magazine. Posted 2 October, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Burgess, Melanie, 28 September, (2019). Story for QNews Weekend Magazine, The Courier Mail.  Interviewed about research and volunteering in adoption and skateboarding. Print copy only (not online).

Highlights and Take Aways from Pushing Boarders, 14 September, (2019). Yeah Girl Media, Norma Ibarra. Included in Photo Series:

Lay, Ryan, (2019), September. Interviewed as part of the ‘Pushing Boarders Interviews Show 1’. Vent City Skate Podcast Show. Subscribers Content

Bailey, Hannah, 2019, 29 August, (2019), ‘Pushing Boarders wants to Start a Conversation’, Huck Magazine. Photography and reflections by various panelists and attendees. Downloaded from URL:

Griffith University News, (2019), News story ‘Researcher Skates into Swedish Conference’ – Interview about speaking at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden Posted 16 August, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Levingston, Rebecca, (2019), ABC Brisbane Radio, 8th August, Morning Program. Producer Terry Begley. Interviewed about skateboarding research and invited talk at the ‘University of Skate: Support Your Local Academic’ panel at the Pushing Boarders skateboarding conference in Malmo Sweden.

Holsgens, Sander, (2019), ‘University of Skate, Community before Cliques: An Interview with Indigo Willing’. Posted 21 June, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Pani, Fed, (2019), ‘The Library is a Space to Thrive’, QLD State Library Blog. Posted 5 May, 2019. Downloaded from URL:

Stenner, Ashlee, (2018), ‘Female Skateboarders Shred Stigma’, The Source News – Griffith University, Online News, Australia. Feature Article, Posted October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Stone, Latosha, (2018), ‘Skateboarding Moms’ Lifestyle Changes: Tricks and Wisdom from Five Moms That Skate’, Proper Gnar Blog, USA. Posted 10 October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

Abada, Adam, (2018), ‘Werewolf Cats Skating’, Stoke of the Week Blog, USA.Posted 19 October 2018. Downloaded from URL:

White, Shari, (2015). ‘No Excuses: Interview with Dr Indigo Willing’, The Skate Witches Zine, Issue 2, April, p 2- 3.

Magee, Tom, (2015). ‘Story of a Mum Who Skates’, Malaise Skate/Punk Fanzine, Issue 2, February, p 2.

Interviewed for SBS Film about the Asian Australian Film Festival by Craig Matheison (October 2011):

Interviewed for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio ‘Tangled Web’ Feature on Adoption, (March 2011):

Interviewed on Vietnamese Adoption, ABC Radio, (August 2008):

University of Queensland News article on PhD Research on adoption in (March 2005):–

Interviewed in documentaries

Miljevic, Miljana, (2019), ‘Seriously, A Girl Skateboarder Story’, Short Documentary for her Film Assessment project for Griffith College of Arts, Screened 2nd August, Griffith Film School Cinema, Griffith University.

Ryder, Evie, (2015), ‘Skate Like a Girl’ Short Documentary, published 12 January, 2015, Downloaded from URL: ( )

Stewart, Kane, (2013), ‘Affirmative Action: A Brisbane Skateboarding Documentary’, The Bay Skate YouTube Channel, published 15 August, 2013, Downloaded from URL: (

Story from The Source News, Griffith University

Story from The Source News, Griffith University