Get Writing with the Skate Witches x Vans Workshops

Stoked to be part of the writing team in the new @theskatewitches x @vans @vansskate free workshops – all are now live to watch. Edited by Shari White.
Shows screen capture of three workshops titled photography, videography and writing with scenes like skateboarding and short text summaries of what's involved. Full info can be read on the webs link

Various free video workshops by The Skate Witches and guests

Scroll down to watch Workshop #3 with Kristin Ebeling, Alex White, me, Maria Lima and Kava Garcia Vasquez. You can still do all of the challenges and exercises. Competition closes August 18 at
Missed the competition? You can still jump onto the Writers Workshop YouTube Video to watch first here
Super stoked that Miffy gets to photo bomb me in my workshop section on persuasive style writing too 😉
Indigo is in a black and white photo indoors. there is a bookshelf behind her and

Indigo Willing – From the Skate Witches x Vans Workshops Series: Writing

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