Support Black Skateboarders

Skateboarders, many faces from many places. See @ryan_lay original post for fundraisers for bail for protesters for Black Lives Matter

This has been a hell of a year and now is the time to be energising to support and stand up for Black Lives Matter and against systemic racism and acknowledging Black excellence and initiatives led by African American and other Black people including African diasporas and Indigenous Peoples. This should be a priority for other non-Black People of Colour including Asians. We were also backed up by many during the corona virus racism at us and many times as refugees and beyond. This year (and every year) remember to show solidarity and to support. We are not always going to get it right but that’s no excuse not to do the work, listen and learn, then keep doing the work. There is also a striking disparity of representation in the skateboarding industry of skaters who are Indigenous, Black African American and from African Diasporas. There’s great things happening and being led by Black skaters, of all genders, that must no longer be sidelined or ignored and so much to support and respect. This is just a glimpse and in no way a comprehensive list:-

  • The Black List of African American and Black owned skatebrands in the US by Patrick Kigongo: Open Doc here
  • Article: Behind the Black List: A Growing Guide of Black-owned Brands, Retailers, and Organizations in Skateboarding Complied by Patrick Kigongo. Posted by Anthony Pappalardo here
  • Article: In Mel Magazine focused on Black Skaters and Black Lives Matter by Andrew Fiouzi here
  • Article: In Jenkem Magazine ‘Skateboarders Guide to Attending a Protest’ by Latinx writer Christian Kerr here
  • Article: In Dazed Magazine focusing on Women of Colour skateboarders here
  • Media: Quell recording discussion racism and skateboarding with Kava Garcia Vasquez and Jillean Liao of Heavy Discussion here
  • Article: Interview in Jenkem Magazine with Beatrice Domond by Morely Musick here
  • Video: By Douglas Miles Senior, Founder of Apache Skateboards. Synopsis – Travel with a Native family as they move to support Black Lives Matter in Downtown Phoenix AZ on June 6, 2020. One young boys journey into the reality of America. See here
  • Article: Stories about Nick Hayes, an Aboriginal Arrernte Man and founder of Spinifex Skateboards and Skate School at Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) NT on NITV here and in an article here
  • Documentary: The Spades: A History of African American Skateboarding documentary FB here and trailer here
  • Videos: Youtube videos of panel talks at the Pushing Boarders academic skateboarding conference in Malmo 2019 featuring speakers such as Briana King, Kava Garcia Vasquez, Lee Smith, Ayanda Mnyandu and more here
  • Also see Thrasher issue and other features dedicated to Black skateboarders in 2020 in nod to Black Lives Matter movement and inclusion of their overlooked histoy – Video, Issue, Black skaters history article

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