Pushing Boarders Reflection Part 3

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The article 2020 Skate Visions’: Pushing Boarders Reflections 3 was published at Yeah Girl Media at the end of January this year and so much has changed since then. We are now in a global pandemic and in most countries and towns various lock downs have been ordered. Skate parks are covered in sand or gates and signs to ban their use. People are only able to move in restricted ways for specific purposes (e.g. to buy food, go to work, exercise and so on).  Black, Indigenous and People of Colour are particularly vulnerable re livelihoods. Racism towards Asians has increased. Many minorities are also facing big challenges and everyone is facing job uncertainty and financial insecurity as the economy is rapidly changing.

So an article about what skateboarding needs in 2020 that was written in January, pre-pandemic awareness, has a very different emphasis and set of guiding ideas by the skate community than if written now in April. But some of the key messages remains the same. This includes being dedicated and having a strong focus on equity issues and being open and supportive towards change rather than defensive and closing it down.  Have a read of what womxn and non-binary skaters who attended Pushing Boarders last year have on their mind and follow them and their organisations on their socials to see where they’re at right now. Some are kick flipping in their bedrooms, many are volunteering time towards community online now, and some are just doing very little to store up energy for the next phase during corona virus once we’re adjusted to this one. And, that’s totally OK too. Now is the time to focus on care and keeping physically distant yet socially connected.

Link here from URL: https://yeahgirlmedia.com/2020-skate-visions-pushing-boarders-reflections-part-3/ 

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