Good times at GSB, now We Skate QLD, new roles and new projects xo

GSB in 2017 throw back

Good times from 2016 to April 2020 at GSB as co-founder and on the admin team. Always big love to these OGs.

Had a super fun 4 years as co-founder at Girls Skate Brisbane (GSB) but in 2020 a lot changed in the world,. From July 2020 GSB will now be known as We Skate QLD with Tora and Evie continuing as the power house admins, while I will continue to contribute in a various roles as a researcher in residence and returning to the role of co-admin again to assist with social media and events in 2021. The change in name reflects our joint wishes to expand our welcome and community in terms diverse genders and geographical reach.

Super excited to keep working on my craft and skills as a writer and sociology researcher (including but not limited to my current academic skateboarding projects) and volunteer work for various communities. This includes skateboarding but also dedicating energy towards supporting the Asian Australian community in a time when racism against us is increasing such as documented on the ABC and on SBS. I am also dedicating time towards my adopted Vietnamese community as we move through the 45th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, and think through what that means for us in terms of looking after each other and our searches for or care for surviving Vietnamese relatives, ties in Vietnam and within the Viet diaspora.

Big love to legends @evieryder and @torasworld and OG @s0phiar Super proud and stoked at co-founding our city’s biggest girls skate network together with you and all the volunteers such as Millie, Lily, Tam, Georgia, Amanda – the list is long and wonderful. DM us at the re-booted and renamed WE SKATE QUEENSLAND at @weskatequeensland if volunteering with us interests you – it is time to be opening up the door and having fresh input and ideas will keep things thriving and connecting us all to old and new friends, and these legends will show you the ropes.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to collaborating with old and new faces soon on projects with WE SKATE QUEENSLAND in the near future, let’s all help each other stay safe and cared for in the present xo

Post updated 2 July 2020, then again March 2021. I have returned to an active role with We Skate QLD following the lowering rates of covid-19 in QLD Australia, allowing us to return to many of our activities after 3 months lockdown.

I wish to acknowledge the people who are the traditional custodians of the land, pays respect to the Elders, past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. GSB is based in Meanjin, Brisbane on the land of the Yugarabul, Jagera and Turrbal peoples.
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