Pushing Boarders article 2 for Yeah Girl

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The second article (part 2 of 3) I wrote up featuring the perspectives of womxn and non-binary individuals who were at Pushing Boarders in Malmo, Sweden is now up at Yeah Girl. Photos by Norma Ibarra. Edited by Sarah Huston.

‘Get By, Get Through, Get Rolling: Pushing Boarders Reflections 2’. Yeah Girl Media. Visit here: https://yeahgirlmedia.com/get-by-get-through-get-rolling-pushing-boarders-reflections-part-2/

The focus is on mental health, mentors and what keeps us rolling. Interviewees range from pro-skaters to skate development workers, skate industry veterans to grassroots community leaders as well as photographers, filmmakers, artists, writers, educators and researchers and many many more people who attended Pushing Boarders.

Most thankful to all the individuals who shared their insights and reflections, and particularly the voices of those who are often overlooked by skate media and mainstream journalism.

Part 1 can be read here:

‘The Evolution of Skateboarding and Why Pushing Boarders is a Sign of the Times’. Yeah Girl Media. posted 10 October. Downloaded from URL: https://yeahgirlmedia.com/the-evolution-of-skateboarding-and-why-pushing-boarders-is-a-sign-of-the-times/

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