Consent is Rad in Skateism Mag

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Thank you Skateism Magazine for writing an article about Consent is Rad, a no naming, shaming or blaming collaborative project with a focus on expressions of care, education and the promotion of consent as a positive part of how we interact in the skateboarding community. Co-founded and co-developed by various individuals and groups including us at Girls Skate Brisbane (co-run by Evie, Tora and me), the campaign was launched during my visit to the Pushing Boarders conference in Malmo Sweden with the support of Skateism and the Reverb Skate Research group.

The Consent is Rad project encourages skaters and skate groups from around the world to take photos, videos or create art with the simple message #consentisrad which is then shared on our collectively developed campaign’s social media on Instagram @consent_is_rad and Facebook @consentisrad.  So far there has been overwhelming support from skateboarders of various backgrounds including skate group leaders, academics, journalists, professional skateboarders, artists and filmmakers. This includes Bing Liu who was nominated for an Academy Award for his documentary skate film ‘Minding the Gap’ in 2019 which addresses issues of racism, mental health, domestic violence and alcohol dependency in the skate scene. Rick McCrank, a former pro-skater and TV documentary maker (Vice’s Abandoned series and Post Radical) is also featured as well as contributions from skaters based in countries as far apart as Peru (Layla G Leon from Concrete Jungle Foundation) to Norway (Peach Sorenson from Doyenne Skateboards) and the USA (Natalia Krishnadas the LasChicAZ Team, Exposure Skate).

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Imke Leerink, Layla G. Leon, Kim Woozy, Tora Waldren, Evie Ryder, Indigo Willing and Kristen Ebeling featured in the Consent is Rad campaign

We know a campaign like this is limited in what it can do and does, but it is certainly a conversation starter and hopefully makes consent seem like a positive and important thing to integrate into how skaters interact with each other at parties, road trips, mentoring situations, dating and so on, no matter what genders and sexualities.

As we state in the article, put together by Tobias Coughlin-Bogue, “There’s nothing better in skating than when everyone is being rad to each other. As part of that, cheering on someone who’s had a great run is rad. Being stoked when someone gets a new trick is rad. That feeling of just arriving at the skatepark and skate spot with friends and getting ready to shred is rad. Going to that skate party or skate premier to have a great time is rad. Going on road trips is rad. Getting drinks together after a skate is rad. Being mutually attracted to someone in these contexts is rad. Taking that attraction further is rad. Consent is rad. Stay safe, mingle ethically and have fun!”


Indi Consent is Rad


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