Vent City Podcast Interview with Ryan Lay recorded at Pushing Boarders

🐶🛹 VENT CITY PODCAST:  I’ve never really been on a pod cast and somehow I was on one in a recent interview by Ryan Lay @ryan_lay on Vent City recorded at the Pushing Boarders conference. Subscribe to support the show and listen. Currently has interviews with two skate academics Dr Thom Challan @chomtallan (a super cool one) & me (not at all cool one) talking research, Betsy Gordon @swellesleygrl from the Smithsonian, Mimi Knoop @mimiknoop a leading voice for women in sport, @hooplaskate founder, and former vert pro skater, and Rick McCrank @mccranker the kickass skater & doco maker (Abandoned & Post Radical). The interview with Mimi Knoop can be accessed for free 🎉

I cover a bit of sociology and some unlikely tangents, from mums skating in their 40s, affectionate memories of crusty skate bowls that can give you tetanus but you’d say ‘hell yeah’ to now anyway, skaters caring about the environment and for each other more, and my new research project on The New Ethics of Skateboarding. The topics kind of roll along like fluffy clouds in a Gus Van Sant movie. They don’t perfectly blend or match, but they mean no harm and just do their thing while possibly providing a humble and interesting view or two.

#pushingboarders#pushingboardersmalmo #ventcity#girlsskatebrisbaneVent City podcast

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