Excited to be promoting amazing individuals’ stories as a contributor at Yeah Girl Media

Super stoked to join the Yeah Girl Media team of contributors in 2019. Stories will include features on various people, issues and events in skateboarding. The next one will share some of the insights, goals and fun had by panelists and attendees from the Pushing Boarders conference. Thank you Yeah Girl founder Sarah Huston for being the most rad editor a writer could ever have! A writer might write up to 100 drafts before they are even slightly satisfied with how something looks. And, even after 100 proof reads, there will always be typos to trip you up and awkward expressions requiring a quick hug then make over to look their best 🙂

It was an honour to interview Navajo Nation skater Di’orr Greenwood of Apache Skateboards, LasChicAZ and Propel Skateboarding where she shares some of her wisdom and stoke for skateboarding. Article is now live at Yeah Girl Skateboarding with photos Linnea Bullion.  Read here

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 11.21.57 am

Other articles for Yeah Girl include an interview with powerhouse agent Yulin Olliver  Photos by Sarah Huston. Both a visionary and sharply focused on outcomes, Olliver shares some of the gains she’s achieved in collaboration with the top skateboarders she represents, and where next generation skateboarders might see their own careers heading in the future. Real Talk. Real Change! Read here

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 11.28.32 am

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