Skateism Interview with Sander Hölsgens

Girls Skate Brisbane co-founders Indi, Evie and Tora

Girls Skate Brisbane Team: Indi, Evie and Tora

An article on opening gates rather than gate keeping in youth scenes and subcultures – with a special focus on skateboarding.

Always stoked by the positive changes in any scene and being able to do sociological research on things that change lives, like skateboarding can. And just a little stoked to probably be the first sociologist to be interviewed in a camo-bucket hat – very Aussie 🙂

Shout out: Skateism, Pushing Boarders and their collaborators, Girls Skate Brisbane, Kane Stewart from The Bay Skate and numerous great individuals, many who are co-researchers and skater friends, and many mentioned in this article:-

Long live bucket hats

Long live bucket hats

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Visiting Pushing Boarders 2019

The 2019 website for the Pushing Boarders conference is now live. Well done to the organisers and all involved and feeling honoured to be invited to join the University of Skate panel talk.  The event’s aim is to share ideas and conversations on skateboarding culture and spaces for fostering positive social change and creativity. With a focus on an ethical and inclusive culture in skateboarding, all talks and events are free. Held in Malmo, Sweden 14 – 18 August 2019.

Keep up to date on the panels, events, speakers and full program at:


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Home Page

Welcome to my website 🙂 This site was pretty much blank until June 2019 when I decided to make it ‘live’.

Here’s to connecting over great ideas and with great people. For links to my work in skateboarding, international adoption, the Asian Australian community and sociological research and academic life (including publications, volunteer work, media engagement and more in each area) visit the options in the menu.


Dr Indigo Willing – War Orphan – Refugee – Adoptee – PhD in Sociology / Researcher – Writer – Artist – Community Volunteer / Medal in the Order of Australian (OAM) / Co-founder: Girls Skate Brisbane, Adopted Vietnamese International and the Asian Australian Film Forum and Network. Based in Meanjin/Brisbane and traditional land of the Turrbal and Jagera First Nations peoples.

Dr Indigo Willing

Dr Indigo Willing OAM is a sociologist, skater and community volunteer.



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